Siohan Owens is a spectacular and splendid dog specialist and ticks all the boxes when it comes to understanding dogs, the relationship between a dog and a human and most of all the environment surrounding the dog and the owner and everything else in between, above and beyond.

She has an amazing positive energy on dogs and people the moment she walks in the door.

When we booked Siobhan to come to our house and help us mend some of the behaviours of our dog, we were really desperate because our dog Blake started having seizures back in April (2015) and some of the side affects from the medicine were also triggering our dog to behave badly, more so we were also planning to emigrate abroad and bring the dog with us which required crate training.

Looking back to the last 4 weeks, we are more than impressed with the dog we have today because of Siobhan and her splendid work. The difference between then and now is just magical. We can even say she’s like the fairy god mother.

In just 4 short weeks our dog is happy, obedient, respectful, calm and most of all he aced the crate training (now doing 3 whole hours without even a simple whine and sleeps in the crate throughout the night).

Siobhan gave us amazing commendations in relation to his diet as well which was changed immediately (raw diet which we are really happy about) and her opinions on medicine and other healthy diet changes were happily taken on board by us and our vet. Our dog is a changed happy boy. He hasn’t had any seizures nor even a sign of unhealthy behaviour.

Siobhan has a great instinct about people and their dogs and is surprisingly insightful. Whenever we needed her she was there for us: e-mail, phone calls, you name it, she was there in a heartbeat. She was indeed very generous with her time. She really raised our confidence around our dog and elevated a sense of respect, trust and happy love between us and our dog Blake (don’t ask me how she did it but she did – fairy god mother 🙂 )

Hiring Siobhan to help with our dog’s needs and behaviours was the best thing we’ve ever done. She has an endless genuine love for dogs, and most of all is very invested in her work with pets and people because she’s very passionate about it. We are so grateful to have had her work on Blake, we almost want to bring her with us to Denmark :).

I will be recommending her to everyone I know, because Siobhan, well she works miracles. Nothing is impossible.

Thank you Siobhan, for everything you’ve done for us and Blake

Antonia, Jakob & Blake


In July we found ourselves with a new family member .We already had
two happy staffies which were a little spoiled and hyper but three
staffies with the same behaviour was overwhelming so we had to admit
to ourselves we needed help, and having dogs all our lives we thought
we knew a lot so that was the first step .We got Siobhan’s number from
the Internet and by the time she left our home after two hours of
explaining what WE needed to do ,well to be honest I cannot explain
the relief of actually not having to part with our new girl and making
it all work .

Some of the things she suggested was Agility for the new
staffie as she was full of energy ,obedience for the middle girl, and
just let the old lady chill out.We have done all she suggested and
this is a different house with three happy staffies and two happy pack

Siobhan is brilliant at what she does and has a genuine love
of animals, she also understands the desperate situation’s we
pack-leaders find ourselves in.That one phone-call has changed
everything for the better. Many thanks Siobhan

Sheila and Andrew Smith


Siobhan Owens has been a parent of pupils in our school for many years.
She has been very proactive within the school community in promoting
animal welfare. On numerous occasions she has brought in an animal
(dog, hedgehog, parrot and many more). She went into each class
and discussed, explained and demonstrated all aspects of animal care
and training.

Siobhan is very competent and knowledgeable in her field.
The children learn so much from her visits and she imparts the knowledge
in a lovely and effective manner.

We are very grateful to have Siobhan’s expertise to call on whenever
we request it. Siobhan is very generous with her time and in many
instances approached the school with a particular type of vist for the
school. I can highly recommend her.

Principal H. Coleman, St. Finian’s National School


“We have a beautiful black collie cross called Jack who is in general well behaved.
Lately he has started growling and showing signs of aggression towards other dogs
while on the lead, off the lead he seemed fine.
Also it was hard to get him to come back when called Siobhan came for a
consultation for a full hour and a half. We chatted about what we wanted to achieve
with Jack and Siobhan pointed out several things I was
doing wrong and gave me some great advise for correcting them.

We took Jack out for a walk and Siobhan was brilliant with him.

One example was when Jack passed a certain house that has a dog that barks
out the window every time we pass, Jack usually pulls hard on the lead growls
and bark back at the dog and tries to pull me into the garden.
Within minutes Siobhan fixed it and showed me what to do, on the way back
I was holding the lead and for the first time ever Jack just walked by the barking
dog with no reaction.
Siobhan has given myself and my family exercises to do each day with Jack that
do not take up much time. I can see a big improvement in Jack already, he is showing
no aggression on the lead. Siobhan is coming again to me this week and I am looking
forward to more training for Jack and I.
I would definitely recommend anyone having problems with their dog or just want the
basic training to contact Siobhan, she is a lovely person who is very skilled in handling
and training dogs and their owners.”

Dorothy Sweeney and family, Dublin.


I found your training with us and kiesha to be absolutely brilliant. It made me take a look
at my own confidence and stamina towards not just kiesha, but other dogs too.
After a couple of months of using the techniques you taught me and my family, it helped
us to enjoy having kiesha and to look forward to doing things with her as we were able to be calm
and give positive energy when we trained her. She has become incredibly sociable and loves
being out. We also love being out with her. She is a pleasure to feed and give treats and bones to
as she is not one bit nasty about giving them back. And now we don’t even need to ask her to
sit for meals or treats as she does it straight away when she sees either item.

She is just amazing and I don’t think she would be like this if it wasn’t for the training and
encouragement you gave to me and my family. She is also great at walking. Basically,
she knows her place and knows that we are the pack leaders. She is definitely a very
happy dog and when people see her, they comment on her mannerism and how friendly she is.
She is great around children.

My parents love having her in their home as she is very good mannered and when we give her
treats over there, they are amazed at how well she sits when told to do so and giving both paws
when asked. Also, the confidence helps in other basic day to day stuff.

Thank you so much for all your help with her and us.
Bye for now.

Teresa Lally


“Siobhan is a positive intuitive animal lover. She is excellent at what she does.

My pet  went missing in a large over grown garden. Eventually after googling, we found Dublin Pet School and phoned them to see what they advised. Siobhan’s friendly manner and her attitude was so consoling and warm.

She immediately offered to help – I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm and before too long she was in our garden with her wonderful dog Izzy searching for my pet. She really cared and it was very evident from the offset how Siobhan had a wonderful gift with animals and intuition – she encouraged positivity and visualisation in the search. She  contacted me the next day and the search went on. Izzy the wonder dog found my pet in the depths of that garden the same day!  Amazing!

Siobhan has my highest  recommendation.

She is wonderful!



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