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Dog Training in Dublin, Meath, Westmeath,Kildare & Cavan, Ireland

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Specialising in Dog Behavioural Problems, Dog Obedience and Agility Training.

Dog Training with Siobhan Owens from Dublin/Meath Pet School.

I visit your home and help you train your dog.

I work in Dublin, Meath, Westmeath, Kildare & Cavan.

I offer clients:

Guidance for dog owners to train and manage their dog/puppy

Advice in understanding why dogs behave the way they do

Workable dog training plan

Advice on diet and nutrition for your dog

Affordable rates so that everyone can get the help they need

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Ready to help you with your pet

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From years of experience

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Making a difference in your pets' life

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Support to help you improve your life with your beloved pet

Looking for a dog trainer?

You’ve found me!

From my early days of volunteering with the DSPCA (starting in 1989) to my Masters in Canine Behaviour, Professional practice, dogs are my life.

My extensive experience has helped me to become a very well rounded dog trainer, ready to help.

Dublin Pet School

What does a dog trainer do?

Helps you to train your dog. and provide you with a training plan.

Helps you improve your dog’s quality of life and their obedience.

I personally specialise in Dog Behavioural Problems, Dog Obedience and Agility Training. 

I can arrange Private One to One Dog Training to help your dog be happier and more settled at home. 


I offer the following to my clients:

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Issues a dog trainer can help with:

Over my years of experience there are certain issues that come up regularly for dog owners. Here are some of the areas that you may need help with:

General Care & Info

Health and Diet

Problem Behaviours

The importance of finding the right Dog Trainer

It’s important that both you and your dog are comfortable with me so we can do the best work together. You will see from my client testimonials that I have helped many people and dogs over the years. I’m very proud of the positive energy I bring to my work. 

The right dog trainer should help you feel empowered, give you good information so you can understand what is happening and why we do what we do to help your dog or pup live a happier life. 

A mix of caring, experience, education and openness means that I come at my work from an angle of helping both owner and dog.


“Hiring Siobhan to help with our dog’s needs and behaviours was the best thing we’ve ever done.

She has an endless genuine love for dogs, and most of all is very invested in her work with pets and people because she’s very passionate about it.   We are so grateful to have had her work on Blake, we almost want to bring her with us to Denmark.”

Specific areas I am trained in

I look forward to helping you to bring out the best in your dog and enjoy them even more for years to come.

“I found your training with us and Kiesha to be absolutely brilliant. 

It made me take a look at my own confidence and stamina towards not just Kiesha, but other dogs too. 

After a couple of months of using the techniques you taught me and my family, it helped us to enjoy having Kiesha and to look forward to doing things with her as we were able to be calm and give positive energy when we trained her. 

She has become incredibly sociable and loves being out. We also love being out with her. She is a pleasure to feed and give treats and bones to as she is not one bit nasty about giving them back. And now we don’t even need to ask her to sit for meals or treats as she does it straight away when she sees either item.” 

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