Total Puppy Package

Total Puppy Package

Everyday Rescue Centres, Animal Shelters and City Pounds receive calls that start out like this “we don’t want our dog anymore because he jumps on the kids, bites the kids, bites strangers, bites other dogs, won’t come back, he’s just too much for us to handle!”.

This can all be avoided if you invest in your dog’s education and your own knowledge and skill as a responsible owner.

The Total Puppy Package from Dublin Pet School Trainer Siobhan Owens combines all her skill and knowledge as an Owner, Fosterer, Obedience Competitor and Behaviourist to give you; the owner, lifelong skills when it comes to training your puppy.

Home Visit:

The private home visit consists of:

Background analysis and how this affects your puppy i.e. what environment was your puppy raised, what age did puppy come to live with you, did you meet mum and dad etc.

Dietary advice.  Did you know this could have a big impact on toilet training?

Nipping. It’s normal but not allowed in our human world.

Jumping up. Cute when it’s a puppy but dangerous when it’s a 30 kilo adult dog!

The practical elements: teaching Sits, Waits, Down, Recall and Lead Work.

The beauty of a Home Visit is that you don’t have to wait until vaccines are completed to start the training.

The full home visit is followed with a very detailed training plan normally sent by email within 72 hours of the home visit.

Please contact me to discuss any other concerns you may have with your dog.

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