Your Family Dog

The Dublin Pet School home visit incorporates the safety of the child and the welfare of the pet as part of its all inclusive package.

When it comes to our children’s safety we cannot afford to take a back seat.

The home consultation discusses safety rules for children and dogs, dealing with nipping which can often frighten children and  discusses appropriate interactions designed to allow for bonding and a long term relationship between child and dog.

In the case of severe aggression, the safety aspect takes utmost priority and is discussed in dept.

“When it happens, you cannot take it back”.

“On getting our new puppy we decided to start off with training right away. Siobhan called over to meet us and our new puppy Coco. Siobhan was great with the training and it is amazing to see someone at work who is so good with dogs. 

Siobhan focused on what was important to us, which was our young son’s interaction with his new puppy. After meeting with Siobhan and spending a few hours it all got so much easier. This was a great way to start off with our new puppy as we all knew the right things to do from day one. We have to thank Siobhan for her great help and follow up. We are now passing on some of her gems to our dog owning friends. We could not recommend Siobhan highly enough and your dog will also agree… she brings great dog treats.”

John & Gillian – Terenure

Happy dog, Happy Family

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