About Me

 My name is Siobhan Owens and I help dogs and their owners live a happier, calmer life

Siobhan Owens

Owner – Dublin Pet School

Dogs Are My Life

I started working as a volunteer at the D.S.P.C.A clinic in Ballymun, Dublin in 1989.

I completed a Pet Psychology course, Holistic Animal Healing course and the Canine First Responder course and set up a Dog Training company called ‘Dublin Pet School’.

I graduated from Middlesex University on the 19 July 2012 with a Masters in Professional practice in Canine Behaviour.

I am a founder member of the Dog Trainers Association of Ireland Ltd.

I train and compete with my own dogs in both Obedience and Agility.

I foster for Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary and I assist in the Ballymun Veterinary Clinic on Tuesday evenings.

Expert Care. Expert Service. Expertise.

I'm trained in the following areas:

Dog Trainer

Pet Psychologist

Holistic Animal Healer

Canine First Responder

Veterinary Assistant Dogs Aid Clinic

Masters in Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour

Competitive Dog Agility Handler

Competitive Dog Obedience Handler

Dog Obedience Judge & Steward with the Irish Kennel Club

Receiving my Masters, 2012